Crete, home of the Minoan Civilization, the largest island in Greece, and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. With the lapse of time, Crete offers one a multitude of experiences through unique customs and traditions.

Archanes, a picturesque town located 16 kilometers South East of Heraklion, at the base of Giouchta Mountain, is a flourishing agricultural area, with a history dating back some 5000 years.

The Land Of Crete has been particularly ‘blessed’ by the sun, the soil and the Earth. It is here that all the seeds, herbs, fruits and vegetables formed the internationally renowned.

“Mediterranean Diet”. In fact, gastronomy is a main part of the daily culture of most Cretan people . The multitude of pure, virgin, ingredients grown on this ‘sacred’ land in the main reason why it is considered “Heaven on Earth” of food lovers.

Cretan Tradition. Over the centuries, authentic Cretan recipes have been passed down from grandmother to grand-daughter, preserving all the flavours, colours and aromas of the original recipe.

Kriton Gea is a Cretan company , founded in 2003 whose main goal is to keep the unique Cretan Flavours ‘intact’ , for the whole world to discover.